Adult White Lone Wolf Order

White Lone Wolf Order

Welcome to the White Lone Wolf Order. We worship the ancient European God Gotos. Worshipping Gotos is not a religion.

Gotos is, spirit, energy, matter, and motion. Gotos is the power of the universe.

On this page we will offer prayers to Gotos that are used by our White Lone Wolf Order.


Prayers to Gotos 

(C) 2015 by White Lone Wolf Order

Morning prayer

In the name of Gotos,

may the grace, power, and protection of Gotos,

Be with me,

And with my spirit,

Now and forever.


Prayer for blessings

In the name of Gotos,

May provender and sustenance be furnished to me and my household,

Through the efforts of Gotos,

And in His name.


Prayer for health and healing

In the name of Gotos,

May it please you, Gotos,

To hear my prayer and to heal my afflictions.

I believe in your power.

I am healed already,

For thy holiness is manifested within me,

And thy spirit is manifested within my own.


 Prayer for protection from enemies

In the name of Gotos,

I go forward with the strength of Gotos,

I go forward in the might of Gotos who is powerful against any enemy,

Visible or invisible.

Gotos is before me, beside me, and above me.

In the name of Gotos,

All bullets shall be fired past me.

In the name of Gotos,

All of my enemies are utterly destroyed!


Prayer for protection when traveling

In the name of Gotos,

I walk out in peace,

I walk about in peace, 

I go my way without harm.

I go about my business with the blessings of Gotos on my head.

On all of my travels I fear neither living no dead.

In the name of Gotos,

Gotos accompanies me on all my travels.



The prayers to Gotos should help people build pride in their White European heritage. And Gotos answers prayers.

He is the power of the universe, not mindless superstition.

 We would never believe in mindless superstition. We believe in progress, in evolution.

God is not a man with a beard.  

Spirit, energy, matter, and motion is God. 

This does not say that people don't have an immortal spirit. It just puts forward the idea of what God really is.

In order for our people to continue to move forward, we must let go of outdated ideas.

Moving forward takes effort. Those that just sit back and pray all day will accomplish nothing in the real world.


Our White Lone Wolf Order does not keep a written membership list. Our associates are responsible for their own behavior. Remember "big brother" is always watching. So choose your activities wisely.

 Never work outside of your skill level.

When distributing leaflets, drop the leaflets and then leave the area. Never put personal information on the leaflets.

It is not important to receive personal recognition for your activities. Spreading the message is what's important.


The reason we founded our own White Lone Wolf Order

Most people in the movement sit back and do nothing. They just join a group so that they can get their membership card to make themselves feel important. But they don't do anything of real value.

Our order expects people to do something of value. We are not a dating service or social club.

We are here to accomplish something for our folk.


Thug gang crime is continually on the rise in cities across the nation. Every year it gets worse.

Most people sit back and do nothing to fix thee problem. And they wonder why the problem is getting worse.

Our children have a right to have safe neighborhoods and safe schools. Most people these days don't worry about that.

What they worry about is being "politically correct". 

Being politically correct is a form of censorship. You can't say what's true, you can only say what sounds polite.

We do not believe in censorship of speech. We believe in telling the truth. 

If people are not informed about what the truth is, they won't know how to take action. 

We are a movement of action. W are realists. 

If you don't take action, nothing will change. It will only get worse.

You should care about the safety of your children.

Its emotionally unhealthy to worry about the feelings of thug gangs. They destroy neighborhoods. They deal drugs to kids. They do drive-by shootings. Everything that comes from them is bad.

But unfortunately, the liberal agenda pushes the idea that you should "love everyone", even criminals.

To us, this idea is stupid. How can you love someone that wants to hurt you?

Sadly, the liberal agenda has been allowed to force their ideas on people.

There are people that have been fired from their jos because they say something politically incorrect at work.

The liberal agenda is the worst form of censorship. They believe they know what's best for everyone.

Then let them live around the violent thug gangs if they love them so much.


The questions we get asked most often have to do with our opinions on healthcare.

Well of course we are against a healthcare system that doesn't work.

People have to pay more money to get less healthcare than they used to get.

And we know members of our Order that get less treatment within the system because of what their beliefs are.

That is communist bullshit.

So of course we think the healthcare system should go back to the way it was.


Sometimes associates of our White Lone Wolf Order meet face to face. When this is done, do it in only small groups of associates that know each other well. This is for safety reasons.

Never trust outsiders. If given the opportunity, they will destroy you.

When associates meet, put nothing on paper, and don't use last names. 

Always use common sense. Always remain loyal to your fellow associates.

Our Order always works things out without interference from outsiders.












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Comments (3)

  1. shadowstarz

    Sounds like you have a lot of hatred in your heart. Please, feel free to enlighten everyone with your supreme intelligence. BTW. Most intelligent people are working hard, this time of the day !

    February 20, 2015
  2. whitelonewolf

    If most people of worth are at work this time of day how did we receive the hateful comment?

    February 20, 2015
  3. shadowstarz

    Hmm. Do you really believe you and your highly intelligent order are the only ones on this planet, and based in the same country ?

    February 20, 2015